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Flip, Sip, and Say Aaah!

Whether you need a versatile water bottle for your on-the-go lifestyle or you simply want easy anytime access to your pure drinking water free from toxic chemicals, the Kanrel is your go-to glass water bottle.

Why glass? In three words: health and taste. Unlike metal water bottles, glass stays out of the way so you taste nothing but your water. Plastic water bottles are often made with with a cocktail of toxic chemicals that come along for the ride each and every sip you take. The Kanrel is free of phthalates, BPC, PVC & all other chemicals, so you can rest assured that when you take a drink, you’re taking in nothing but your water.

Won’t it break? Not easily. We’ve constructed this bottle using borosilicate glass, which stands up to the elements much better than typical glass. Plus, we include a silicone sleeve to serve as additional protection when you are bringing your bottle on any excursion. It’s even leak-proof so you can pack it any way you like without worrying about a wet backpack.

How do I clean it? The Kanrel water bottle is completely dishwasher safe, so you can simply remove the cap and place both bottle and cap on the top rack for a squeaky clean water bottle every time. No dishwasher? The sink works just as well.

Why buy Kanrel? Peace of mind. We stand behind our glass water bottles with the ultimate satisfaction guarantee. Our 5-Year Warranty means that should you encounter any problems, we’ll ship you a replacement at no cost. It’s that simple. Once you experience the Kanrel difference, you’ll want to make sure your friends & loved ones can also drink their water free from harmful chemicals.

Order yours today, and sip your water as nature intended!

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